Father Bash Foundation, a non-government organization, started its journey in the late 1980s with its focus on children who had been orphaned due to the Aids scourge which had gulfed Uganda, most of these children had also been born with the virus and completely abandoned by relatives and friends of the family. Also was the influx of refugees from neighboring countries of the Congo, Rwanda and Burundi due to the internal conflicts which were unending, thousands of persons were pouring in through the borders every day, with the genocide in Rwanda in 1994 the crisis escalated, children were in total disaster, no parents, no one to look after them because the family units had disintegrated and many had passed on ,Children were abandoned loitering in villages and towns of Mbarara, Kabala, Ntugamo, Isingiro areas, kamwezi, kisoro and Bushenyi Districts.


The mission of the foundation was geared towards providing shelter, food, cater for education and health status and this could only be monitored closely by enrolling them into schools and make sure they do have health care nearby. However the schools were in shambles mostly owned by government very squeezed with very poor amenities due to the political instability in the 70s and 80s therefore the need to build schools and health care centers for these disadvantaged children was evitable.

The central and most accessible town by then was Mbarara District , it also had an added advantage because its home to Nyamitanga Archdiocese which is the Home to the founding member, the most Reverend Father John Baptist Bashobora, it made it an ideal location because even spiritual counseling was much needed, given that  massacre incidents in Rwanda occurred even in churches.


The foundation with support from the local and international community has managed to build facilities including secondary schools,, babies home, places of worship, vocational school, hospital based in the districts of Mbarara, Ntungamo and ibanda. However completion of some of these projects has been on standstill, some are dilapidated, others lack essentials and proper human resource due to lack of funds. The services are much sought for considering the growing population in the area with very high poverty levels living on 1 dollar a day per person, the high prevalence of HIV, lack of government support services and increase of the dry season leading to famine and scarcity of food.

The buildings in most of the schools are very wanting, very old, lack proper facilities like laboratories, lavatories, bathrooms, proper classroom, boarding facilities, dinning area, drainage facilities, Libraries and good functional kitchen.

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